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Master in Accounting, Taxation and Corporate Finance


Coordinators 2021/2022











Why choose ISEG?

ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management offers one of the most comprehensive European Masters in the field of Accounting and Corporate Finance.

Recent developments at the national and international level in the areas of taxation, capital markets (volatility of stock exchanges, market crisis), accounting (international accounting harmonisation, new accounting standards system), audit and supervision of companies (reformulation of International Auditing Standards) have resulted in the growing importance of those professionals involved in these areas. Furthermore, periodic financial information is today a vital element for shareholders, creditors, the State, and employees, among others, to make rational decisions. In this sense, this degree aims to be an opportunity for learning and reflection for those participants who wish to strengthen their knowledge in the fields of accounting, tax, and corporate finance, in both the Portuguese and the international context.

Throughout the degree, students have the opportunity to develop personal skills and techniques in a practical learning environment through case studies.


The Masters in Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance was launched in the 2007/2008 Academic Year. Since then, together with our students, we have developed a syllabus which equips Masters graduates with the following competitive advantages:

  • A teaching method based on case studies which makes the connection between concepts and practice, thus contributing to the development of technical and personal skills;
  • A syllabus that is tailored to the challenges facing organisations in the fields of Accounting, Tax, and Corporate Finance, whereby the student can understand and choose elective course units to enable them to strengthen their knowledge in a particular field;
  • An experienced faculty who encourage a close link between the academic component and business reality;
  • A programme that enables a balance between work life and the need to advance knowledge, enabling the possibility to either study in part-time, or as a working student.

We are pleased to include amongst our current students and alumni students from Portuguese-speaking countries of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, as well as other countries, such as Germany, China, Moldova, and Latvia. 


The main objectives of the Masters in Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance are to:

  • Educate highly technical managers in the specialist financial fields of Accounting, Business Taxation, Corporate Finance, and Management;
  • Teach the theoretical framework and skills that professionals in this field need to possess in order to contribute to the value creation process of the organizations to which they belong;
  • Acquire, strengthen, and consolidate the technical expertise that enable professionals in these areas to respond promptly and effectively to the challenges they face in preparing quality and timely information;
  • Identify the tax implications of management decisions;
  • Equip professionals in related areas (e.g. investment banking) who periodically need to use information generated by accounting and financial systems;
  • Provide a first contact with scientific research in these fields, thus supporting the education of faculty and researchers, to enable the School to play an active role in the production of advanced studies in the fields of this Masters;
  • Enable participants to create a network of contacts and to develop interpersonal skills (communication, integrity, leadership) that help them carrying out their role effectively.

In general, this degree studies the different topics from both a national and an international perspective. Bearing this in mind, it presents the reality of small and medium-sized companies, as well as multinationals. For example, in the area of Financial Accounting, considerable attention is given to the impact of the IAS/IFRS on the financial reporting system of companies, with special emphasis on more complex topics, such as tangible and intangible assets, deferred taxes, and financial instruments.

Designed For

The Masters in Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance is intended primarily to complete the education of the 1 st Cycle provided by a Bachelors degree in Management, Finance, Economics, and Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management. This is a Masters of a professional nature, which provides professional expertise that ensures that students who complete this course enhance their job prospects and future career.


The ISEG is a pioneer in teaching and research in Economics and Management, dating back to the foundation of the School of Commerce in 1759, and its campus, which is built around a 17 th Century convent, is modern and functional. Throughout its existence it has educated professionals who now occupy prominent positions in business, government, and higher education institutions.

The Masters in Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance is designed for current and future professionals in the areas of Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Finance, who intend to carry out their role with a high degree of professional and personal success.

Despite being a recent degree, most students are offered a job by the end of the 1 st Year. The main employers are from the banking, auditing, accounting, petrochemical, and consulting sectors.

Here are some key employers: Deloitte & Touche, Galp Energia, KPMG, Portugal Telecom….


Active Life Insertion Survey - Masters in CFFE


The degree is taught over four semesters, totalling 120 credits. The first two semesters are fully devoted to lectures, with a curriculum component totalling 60 credits. The last two include the preparation of a thesis or project work, and also has a lecture component of 18 credits during the 1 st semester. The 1 st and 2 nd semester lectures are taught during normal hours.The 3 rd and 4 th semesters operate exclusively after-hours. 

Lastly, seminars will be organised during the Masters degree, with the presence of guest speakers who bring specialist knowledge and industry-experience to the lecture room.

Tuition Fees


1º ano -  €4850  
2º ano - €2000 

Total -    €6850



1º ano -  €5650  
2º ano - €2500

Total -    €8150


Propinas provisórias para 2021/22, carecendo de confirmação pelos órgãos estatuariamente superiores da Universidade de Lisboa.

Numerus Clausus

  • Total: 60