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Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting

Alumni Statements

    Joana Passinhas - winner of the Bank of Portugal Prize for Best Masters Dissertation about Portuguese Economy for years 2017 and 2018


    After I finished my Economics Bachelors degree, I wanted to study for a Masters degree which would provide me with a strong background in statistics and econometrics. That is exactly why I chose the Masters in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting at ISEG. The specialised syllabus, together with the very qualified and approachable faculty and the good balance between practical and theoretical components made me very happy with my decision. I consider that the unique education provided by this degree proved to be very valuable for both my academic and professional career.

    The Coordination Team of the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting congratulates Joana Passinhas for her publication in a well ranked Economics Journal!

    Passinhas, J. & Proença, I. (2020), Measuring the gender disparities in unemployment dynamics during the recession: evidence from Portugal, Applied Economics, 52(6), 623-636.


    Sara Matos

    Having its foundation on an enriching curriculum and a very dedicated, demanding and highly qualified faculty on a friendly academic environment, this master’s degree has provided me with state of the art tools, which allowed me to become a better professional in the field of credit risk consulting.



    Daniel Abreu


    My experience in the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting was very positive and proved to be extremely valuable in my academic and professional career.

    The Master programme provides a solid and comprehensive grounding in econometrics, while introducing students to the main literature in the field. The coursework has a strong applied perspective which is reflected in the emphasises on how econometric methodologies can be used to study empirical questions and in the number of projects that students are challenged to undertake.  This approach contributes to the development of economic intuition and builds experience in dealing with the decisions and nuances of working in an applied setting. In addition, students are able to develop data-analysis and programming skills, while improving their familiarity with the main econometrics software.

    Lastly, I would like to highlight the quality of the supervision during the writing of the dissertation.

    Pedro Fonseca


    Applying to the Master’s in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. This program offers a unique learning experience fully dedicated to econometrics and statistical methods for the economic sciences, making it possible to explore state-of-the-art tools and address the latest developments in the field while maintaining theory and practice perfectly balanced.


    Fernando Cascão


    This Masters allowed me to have the necessary tools to model, interpret and analyze different types of data in a well-articulated way. These learnings qualified me in a subject that I realized to be essential both in the business as well as the academic world. All these learnings were made possible by the learning process, the teaching excellence and the positive environment that exists at ISEG Campus. 


    Bruno Nascimento

    Choosing the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting (MAEF) proved to be the right decision for my professional and academic career. In MAEF you will learn methodologies that allow, inter alia, to understand the relationship between economic phenomena, to assess the effectiveness of policy measures and forecast economic variables. The MAEF’s faculty have several publications in the Econometrics research field (applied and theoretical). For those interested to pursue a PhD, this program will also give you the theoretical basis in Econometrics. All in all, I highly recommend attending this Master’s programme.


    João Cruz


    After finishing my BSc degree, it was clear for me that my next step would be to enrol in a MSc in econometrics and statistics that could allow me to gain significant expertise in those areas and bring value to my curriculum. I found the degree in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting a perfect fit for this, for its unique program and prestigious staff in the field. During my studies, the challenges I faced along the way allowed to grow personally and to gain core knowledge that proved essential in my work. During those challenges, I could always count with the teaching staff, and during my dissertation I felt I always got the guidance I needed to succeed.

    Looking back, I define my decision of pursuing a MSc in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting as a crucial moment in my career, as it opened many doors. In particular, I was able to find a job in prestigious institutions, such as the Bank of Portugal and ANACOM, where upon admission my MSc was a determinant factor. Moreover, it allowed me to pursue a research career which is something I always desired.

    In sum, I highly recommend the MSc in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting, as it provides a solid education in the area, with excellent reputation in the job market and academia.


    Cristina Fidalgo

    To be part of the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting was, without shadow of doubt, an enriching experience and the best option I could have taken after my graduation in Economics. The very well-structured and demanding curricular plan prepares students to face multiple data-related challenges with a critical mind and solid background. For sure it provides all the needed tools and theoretical concepts to succeed in multiple career paths and job opportunities. For me, as a young professional, this master opened doors and it is with great pleasure that I am an Alumni of this master and ISEG.

    Maria Francisca Amaro

    After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, I knew that the next step in my studies had to be in a degree that would allow me to learn more about econometrics and the practical applications of the different models. The decision to enroll in this Masters proved to be the right one, resulting in a great opportunity for my personal and academic development. The demanding curricular plan provides the students with a set of fundamental knowledge to succeed in different career paths. For me, The Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting (MEAP) provided an opportunity to integrate an internship for my dissertation where I was able to improve my critical skills and learn more about data-analysis.

    Francisco Mendonça



    Quantitative methods and the use of data is ever more present in corporations and in the academia. However, few courses offer the specialization of the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting. This course reconciles the practical applications with an excellent theoretical foundation, which allows the students to understand what is behind the commonly used statistical models, to criticize them, and ultimately recognize its potentials but also its limitations. These characteristics offer something quite distinct, and a student who completes this Master will have much more to show than just the blind application of off-the-shelf algorithms.

    Learning has not stopped after the master. The underlying mathematical foundations from the course, allowed for a broader coverage of different topics. Consequently, I was able to assimilate, with greater clarity, other methodologies with a marked importance to my career.

    Maurício Carvalho

    The Masters in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting (MAEF) is quite unique and this is the reason I chose it. The aim is set high for a two-years course, but the proposed challenge is successfully met at each subject, model and theory taught. MAEF assertively combines a solid theoretical learning experience with relevant empirical applications, providing thus the adequate set of instruments for students to carry for life. The outcome is a thorough education, alumni econometrists highly capable of finding the most suitable solution at each problem presented thereafter. If you wish to live and breathe Econometrics, then MAEF is the best course for you. 


    Rodrigo Serra


    During my first job experience, I decided to enroll in this course to deepen my econometrics and statistics studies. Eventually, it has shown to be the perfect programme for me at both professional and academic levels. The uniqueness of the curricular plan and the vast experience of ISEG in the underlying subjects are some of the main advantages of the MAEF.


    Rui Louro

    This Master’s degree provides an excellent background into statistics and its applications to the study of time series and panel data, which are important means to gain insights into any economic activity.  The range of applications of these subject matters is nearly limitless in its scope and is applicable to virtually any area of knowledge or professional activity 

    João Vieira


    After taking a degree in management, I tried to get out of my comfort zone and look for something with a much stronger quantitative base. I decide to enroll in the Masters in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting at ISEG. The master has a very well-rounded curriculum that has provided me with a solid formation in all areas of econometrics and is highly regarded by the academic and industrial sectors. Today, looking back, I would not change my choice for anything!