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Master in Finance


Coordenadores 2021/2022

Prof. Doutor  JOÃO LUIS CORREIA DUQUE (Responsável)










Porquê no ISEG?

Solid Education

The Masters in Finance at ISEG Lisbon offers a solid education in the three pillars of the discipline: Corporate Finance, Financial Investments, and Derivatives. Students enrolled in the program also have the opportunity to choose from a  wide list of electives. The coordinating team closely follows student needs and progress.


FT Ranking 2020

ISEG’s Masters in Finance is placed for the first time in the Financial Times global rankings of Masters, straight in at 31st place, being the School that proportions the largest salary increase after graduation, ex aequo with HEC Paris, which is in 1st place in the ranking. More informations here.


CFA recognition

Since 2015-2016 our program fully meets the requirements of the  CFA Institute 's University Affiliation Program, complying with  more than 70% of the curriculum CBOK . Every year we award 9 scholarships for our students to enroll in  CFA  (Levels I, II or III) exams.


CHAMPIONS - CFA Institute Research Challenge - Portugal - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017

ISEG's Team is the Winner of the National CFA Research Challenge (in Portugal) for 4 consecutive years: 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017. In all those 4 years it also went all the way to the finals of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) CFA Research Challenge Competition. The EMEA finals took place in Prague, Czech republic (2017), Dublin, Ireland (2018),  Zurich, Switzerland (2019) and Dead Sea Area, Jordon (2020). 

This is a most competitive and recognized worldwide competition on corporate valuation equity research.


Field Trip to Frankfurt



Keeping pace with the complexities of today's world and the nature of the discipline, the Masters in Finance is   offered exclusively in English, for an international audience . Our commitment to the global arena is also present in the annual field trip to Frankfurt  (flight and acommodation included in the tuition fees), in which students and faculty visit organizations like the ECB (European Central Bank), EIOPA, Goethe University, Deutsche Bundesbank, and  the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Over the last 5 years we have attended presentations from high  ranking representatives of companies such as BASF, Deutsche Lufthansa, SAP, EY, or Helaba Bank. This is certainly an unforgetable experience for all who take part in it.

Exchange Programs

It is also possible to spend 1 semestre in the  2nd year of the masters aborad, in an exchange program (just a few examples: at Goethe University in Germany, at Bocconi University in Italy,  at EDHEC in France, or at Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil).


ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management has a long tradition and experience in teaching Finance,  having graduated many business leaders and well-known political and economic decision-makers. Since 1911, ISEG has accompanied the evolution of markets, the economy, and scientific knowledge in the field of Finance.


ISEG is a unique school not only in its  breathtaking location and views, but also in the   diversity of its faculty, in terms of gender, international experience, and background. In this Masters program we put together the   professional experience  of some of the instructors with the  scientific rigor of those who hold PhDs from prestigious institutions (such as the London Business School, Manchester Business School, Carnegie-Mellon University, London School of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, or Imperial College London).


We target students who hold an undergraduate degree in management, economics or other subjects with a quantitative background, and who are eager to learn more about finance and  become successful professionals in the financial community, either in financial institutions or in the corporate sector, anywhere in the world. 


We look forward to welcoming you,

Saídas Profissionais

With this masters you can become a successful professional in the financial world, either with financial institutions or in the corporate sector, in any part of  the world.

To the best of our knowledge, there is 100% employment of our MFinance graduates. Holders of ISEG Lisbon's MFinance are currently working in banks, banking and supervisory authorities (such as the Bank of Portugal, the European Central Bank, CMVM, BNP Paribas), the Big 4 consulting/auditing services companies, in the corporate sector, etc - there are exciting job market opportunities for our graduate students in Finance, both in Portugal and abroad.


Active Life Insertion Survey - Masters in Finance

Regime de Funcionamento

Daytime during the first year (2 semesters, from mid-September til early July).

Evening classes in the 3rd semester (note: it is possible to spend this semester abroad in an exchange program).



st year - €5900 
nd year - €2000 

Total -   €7900



st year - €7450 
nd year - €2500 

Total -   €9950


Provisional fees for 2021/22, subject to confirmation by Univerisity of Lisbon statutory bodies.


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