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Undergraduate Degree in Gestão (Management)


Coordinators 2020/2021




Why choose ISEG?

The ISEG Bachelors degree in Management, one of the first in the country, counts on a faculty of excellence, who hold PhDs from numerous national and foreign universities, and Masters and Bacelors degrees of exceptional scientific and technical competence.

The new syllabus of the degree in Management was designed to provide a complete education for future managers, with a syllabus that combines the core subjects, such as Economics, Accounting, Quantitative Methods, and Psychosociology, with subjects in the functional areas of Management, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Production Management, and also integrative subjects such as Business Strategy.

The 1 st Cycle, in the context of the Bologna Agreement, aims to equip Management graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve employability in the job market, which has been virtually 100%.

Management graduates are able carry on their studies into the 2 nd Cycle, at either Postgraduate or Masters level, where ISEG has tried to respond to the dynamic educational demands of the market. The credit system allows for the combination of different subjects to achieve a Master degree in Management and Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Accounting. 


The new syllabus for the Bachelors (1 st Cycle) in Management provides a unique basic education, which combines a high quality generalist approach, with the possibility of future specialisation in the 2 nd Cycle (Masters) in one of the various functional areas of management. The degree is designed to provide a complete education for future managers. This integration results in a syllabus that harmoniously combines the core subjects - Economics, Accounting, Psychosociology, and Quantitative Methods - with the subjects of functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Production Strategy. After a good education, students are able to continue their studies for a 2 nd Cycle degree, which either strengthens their generalised vision of the company, or prepares them for a functional specialisation (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, or Information Systems).

The Degree in Management aims to include an eminently practical factor, which is achieved through subjects such as Communication and Negotiation, case studies, the implementation of projects applied to the local or national reality, or those elective course units that include an international componente.


ISEG graduates are prepared to cope with the demands of the national and international job market. This is confirmed by the results of the surveys of recent ISEG graduates, which are carried out regularly, that indicate a rapid and effective integration into working life, as about 35% of students receive job offers before graduating, with a 90% level of employment 6 months after graduating.

Priority is always given at ISEG to an education aimed at placing graduates in the job market, providing students with the most appropriate skills for carrying out their activity in a variety of career opportunities.

ISEG graduates find jobs in the main sectors of the economic, financial, and business worlds, particularly in the following professions:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Auditing and consulting
  • International economic and financial organisations
  • The management of industrial and service companies
  • National or local government
  • Study centres, teaching, and research



Tuition Fees

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