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Master in Mathematical Finance

Regime de Acesso 2021/2022

Requisitos de Acesso

Applicants must hold the equivalent of a Bachelors degree in the fields of Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Economics, Management or Finance, obtained from either a Portuguese or an international university.

According to subparagraph d) of Article 17 of Decree-Law No. 74/2006, dated 24 th March, other relevant applications may also be considered by the selection committee, upon analysis of the respective CV.

Applicants who are in the Final Year of their Bachelors degree may also apply, on the basis of their predicted average grade. Accepted applicants will be made a conditional offer.

Accepted applicants are ranked according to the final grade of their First Cycle degree, an analysis of their curriculum, and possibly an interview.


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