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Programa de Doutoramento em Economia

Economics GTA Programme

    Economics GTA Programme Application Guide

    Economics GTA Programme Application Guide


    ·         Improve the attractiveness of ISEG’s doctoral program in Economics.

    ·         Improve the integration of PhD students and early career researchers in the school’s life.

    ·         Enhance the curriculum of ISEG’s PhD students in the job market.


    1.       Who can apply?

    PhD students enrolled in any year of the PhD in Economics can apply as well as postdoctoral early career researchers working at ISEG and/or any of its research units.


    2.       Which teaching units are available?

    ·         GTAs will be allocated to teaching units with practical classes (i.e. tutorials). They cannot be allocated to (theoretical) lectures.

    ·         The list of candidate teaching units include: Economics I, Economics II, Microeconomics I, Microeconomics II, Macroeconomics I, Macroeconomics II, Economics and Business Information, Monetary and Financial Economics, Public Economics and Finance, International Economics, Industrial and Firm Economics, Economic Policy and Business Activity.

    ·         The teaching units are offered both in Portuguese and in English.


    3.       Selection process:

    ·         Eligible applications will be evaluated by a Selection Committee chaired by the coordinator of the doctoral programme Prof. António Afonso.

    ·         Applications will be ranked according to the (1) merit of the applicant’s CV and (2) his/her suitability to teach in the relevant teaching units.


    4.       Support provided to GTAs:

    ·         GTAs will have access to training and professional development through workshops/seminars on pedagogy, communication and assessment techniques. The workshops will take place between March and June.

    ·         GTAs will be provided with support by the teaching team in which they are integrated.

    ·         In order not to compromise the good progress of the doctorate programme and/or research, GTAs cannot have a teaching load of more than 4 hours per week.


    5.       Quality assurance procedures:

    ·         Development of transferal and pedagogical skills through workshops on teaching and learning methods, communication, and student assessment methods.

    ·         Monitoring of GTAs by the teaching team in order to identify and resolve any difficulties and/or problems.

    ·         Evaluation of the performance of GTAs through student surveys.

    ·         Creation of the “Best GTA” award may be considered as an additional incentive.


    6.                 Application deadline and required documents:

    ·         Required documents: Motivation letter, CV

    ·         Applications must be sent by e-mail to the coordinator of the PhD in Economics Prof. António Afonso ( by Monday 13th April 2020.

    ·         The list of selected candidates will be published before the end of April 2020.