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Programa de Doutoramento em Economia

The word to the students


    António Martins, Video.

    Philemon Opoku, Video.


    Joana Sousa Leite, Video.


    Eduardo Fortes, Video.


    Studying at ISEG has definitely been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life, both academically and personally.  I chose to do a PhD in Economics in the hope that I would expand my theoretical knowledge and also to acquire the skills to apply this theoretical knowledge in both a practical and conceptual framework and the program at ISEG has exceeded any expectations that I may have had when applying.  My interest in studying the financial stability of Latin American countries led me to Portugal and the exceptional facilities, the experienced and diverse faculty as well as REM drew me to ISEG.  As a PhD candidate, I am affiliated to REM and had the opportunity to contribute to one of the research centre’s projects.  Under the supervision of a senior professor and researcher, I have been able to produce three working papers to date.  I have also had the opportunity to present my work at a number of conferences around Portugal as well in China.  I indubitably recommend ISEG. Zoë Venter, PhD student. Video

    When I decided to do my PhD in Economics two aspects I valued the most were both the teaching staff and research quality of the institution I was applying.

    The teaching staff of the PhD in Economics at ISEG gathers some of the best experts in their fields that with their international experience are able to put its quality in the highest standards. For this reason the 1st academic year has been one of the most demanding I have faced as student. It has been allowing me to go beyond what I learnt at the master level and address current leading topics of economic research. Surely the knowledge of the Monetary and Financial Economics (also at ISEG) was a plus to keep track of all the new things I learnt. All of this is associated with a diversity of analytical tools, such as mathematics or econometrics, which certainty will be important for my research project.

    Yet in the 1st year we start to give the first steps towards our research project and since the beginning I feel that the professors are always able to listen our interests and give us support. Besides, we are encouraged to participate in several forums either to get in touch with current research or to discuss and present our workAndré Oliveira, Statistics Department, Banco de Portugal.