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Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos de Desenvolvimento


    Applications for the PhD in Development Studies are made online on the ISEG website  ( HERE). Applicants must provide proof that they meet the admission requirements. They should also attach a research proposal for their doctoral dissertation project. 
    Acceptance of an applicant is dependent on the assessment of their academic and professional experience and approval of the research proposal. Accepted applicants will be assigned a supervisor and be assigned to one of the host research centres.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Interested applicants can apply for Portuguese government-funded PhD scholarships through  FCT as well as through  Universidade de Lisboa. However, in case their academic degrees were obtained outside Portugal they need to be recognised and validaded by  NARIC, the National Academic Recognition Information Center at the DGES - Portuguese Directorate for Higher Education.

    This is currently the  list of degrees that are already recognised by Portugal and only need to be registered in NARIC to be entitled to the same rights as Portuguese degrees. 

    Please be aware that the whole process might take some time and that there are costs involved depending on the situation.

    For further information please contact Alexandre Abreu from the PhD Coordination at: