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PDED  >  Plano Curricular

Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos de Desenvolvimento

Plano Curricular Estudos de Desenvolvimento

Descrição do Plano Curricular

The PhD Development Studies is a three-year programme in which students must obtain a total of 180 ECTS (credits). It comprises:

  • Taught courses (60 credits ECTS);
  • Preparation, submission and defense of thesis (120 credits ECTS).

Courses are taught in the first year of the Program over 2 semesters. They are:

1st semester

  • Theories of Modernity and Development (9.0 credits ECTS)
  • Development Policy and Politics (7.5 credits ECTS)
  • Research Methods in Development Studies (6.0 credits ECTS)
  • Research Seminar I (3.0 credits ECTS)
  • Research Essay (4.5 credits ECTS)

2nd semester

  • Development in Transition (9.0 credits ECTS)
  • Topics in Development Studies (6.0 credits ECTS)
  • Elective Modules of Research Methods (6.0 credits ECTS)
  • Research Seminar II (3.0 credits ECTS)
  • Elective Unit (6.0 credits ECTS)

The classes will run at ISEG (that coordinates the Program) and at the other Schools (ICS, IGOT and ISA) according to the scheduled activities to be announced.