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    Prof. Jorge Gomes
    Prof. José Veríssimo
    Prof. Vitor da Conceição Gonçalves 


    The ISEG International Program of Doctor of Business Administration Studies (iDBA) is an applied research program that aims to prepare students in the fields of strategy and organization management, providing advanced research skills in order to improve management research and practice in organizations. 

    It combines research excellence with professional practice.


    Why choose ISEG?

    ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics & Management of the Universidade de Lisboa is the most prestigious college of management and economics in Portugal, accredited by the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a distinction held by only 5% of business schools in the world, and its programs are recognized by many reputed international entities. The school currently offers: 6 undergraduate degrees; 21 Masters degrees, and 10 PhD Programs.

    The Universidade de Lisboa is the largest and leading University in Portugal. The Shanghai Ranking 2019 officially known as the "Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)" which annually presents the top 500 universities worldwide, positions the University of Lisbon in 1st position nationally, 151st position worldwide.



    In the first year students are registered in the iDBA program, which will give them adequate preparation to undertake PhD level work. 

    Successful completion of the iDBA will:
    - Prepare students in advance business theory;   
    - Develop participants' creativity, analytical thinking, critical analysis, and problem solving skills;   
    - Enable the critique of contemporary organizational practice using relevant theory;   
    - Increase student ability to apply relevant theoretical knowledge in organizations.


    Access to PhD

    Successful completion of the courses of iDBA Program allow students to be accepted in the 2nd year of the PhD in Management. In order to obtain a PhD, the students must have successfully completed both the DBA studies and the PhD component. For the PhD they will need to participate in on-campus courses for a maximum of 12 consecutive working days and will need to write and submit a PhD thesis and undergo a final oral exam, the "viva voce", in English at ISEG (Portugal).


    The Process

    After registration in the 2nd year of the PhD Program an international supervisor will be allocated to each student according to research subjects. It usually takes 3 years to complete both the iDBA Program and writing the PhD thesis, but it largely depends on the students pace in doing the research work.  


    Courses and Professors

    The program consists of 7 courses of 30 hours each (almost every other month), giving a total of 210 hours for a period of 10-12 months.

    It is lectured by an experienced body of professors and researchers


    Jorge Gomes   
    PhD from Manchester Business School, UK

    Pedro Rino Vieira 
    PhD from ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

    José Veríssimo    
    PhD from Manchester Business School, UK

    Nuno Brites
    PhD from Évora University, Portugal

    Vitor da Conceição Goncalves   
    PhD from University of Seville, Spain

    Jorge Gom
    PhD from Manchester Business School, UK

    Manuel Mira Godinho
    PhD from University of Sussex, UK


    Apply Now

    - Applicants from all countries are welcomed to apply
    - Contact to submit admission and enrollment requirements
    - Click Here to Download Program Catalog
    - Click Here to Download a Sample Caldendar of Program
    - Click Here for Visa Information


    Further questions?

    Click Here to Request for More Information


    Program Associate: Nafiseh Payani
    Local Manager: Public Relations and International Affairs: Filomena Ferreira
    Program Webpage:   
    Program Email:  
    Program Skype ID: ISEG iDBA PhD Program
    India: +91 0008000501997
    Iran: +98 2122366537
    Turkey: +90 21 29001633 
    United Arab Emirates: +971 80003110043
    China: +86 4006161627