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Susana Münch Miranda

    Susana Miranda



    She obtained her PhD in Portuguese Overseas History from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2007). Currently,

    Current Scientific/Professional Activity

    She is research fellow at GHES/CSG, Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG), University of Lisbon and a member of the research project “Sovereign debt and private credit in Portugal (1668-1797)” (PTDC/HAR-HIS/28809/2017) hosted by GHES. She lectured at FCSH-UNL and Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Management and was research fellow at Leiden University.

    Fields of Research Interest & Research Projects

    Her research intersects economic history and the history of early modern institutions, with a special focus on state formation and empire-building. She has contributed to topics such as the transference of European fiscal institutions to colonial settings, the role of colonial elites in imperial governance, the regulation of land property rights, and the role transnational business networks played in the exploitation of colonial resources. The Portuguese sovereign debt in the early modern period is currently at the center of her research, with a special focus on the legal and institutional framework that underpinned debt administration.

    Selected publications:

    Miranda, Susana Münch. 2019. “Risk and Failure in Tax Farming: De Bruijn & Cloots of Lisbon and the Portuguese Tobacco Monopoly, 1722-1727”, Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction, 43(1):1-24. doi:10.1017/S0165115319000093

    Antunes, Cátia and Susana Münch Miranda. 2019. “Going Bust: Some Reflections on Colonial Bankruptcies”. Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction, 43(1): 1-16. doi:10.1017/S0165115319000056.

    Antunes, Cátia, Susana Münch Miranda and João Paulo Salvado. 2018. “The Resources of Others: Dutch Exploitation of European Expansion and Empires, 1570-1800”, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 131(3):501-521.

    Miranda, Susana Münch. 2017. Fiscal System and Private Interests in Portuguese Asia under the Habsburgs, 1580-1640”, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 60(3): 202-232.

    Miranda, Susana Münch. 2017. “Coping with Europe and the Empire, 1500-1620”. In An Agrarian History of Portugal, 1000-2000: Economic Development on the European Frontier. ed. P. Lains e D. Freire. Leiden: Brill, pp. 71-100.

    Costa, Leonor Freire, Pedro Lains and Susana Münch Miranda. 2016. An Economic History of Portugal, 1143-2010, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.