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Master in Mathematical Finance


Matemática Financeira

Publicar Publicado em 15-03-2020

We  carry on! Our Master in Mathematical Finance (re)begins next Tuesday!

Dear Students

We  carry on! Our Master in Mathematical Finance (re)begins next Tuesday!

As you are aware, all the Professors that lecture the course units of this second semestre have prepared adequate materials and will use Microsoft Teams for remote classes. Each one will contact you for details.


Prepare yourselves with a good internet connection for meeting for on-line classes according to the schedule.

Aquila will also be used for materials.


As for “Foundations of Finance Theory”, you will be contacted later. 

These times imply a suplementary effort from all of us, professors and students included. It is probable that you will face additional difficulties, compared to the traditional system. Some adaptability is needed; step by step, we will learn how to deal with those difficulties and overcome them. 

I will keep in touch.


Good health. Take care!

Warm greetings

Maria do Rosário Grossinho

Coordinator of the Master in Mathematical Finance
ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management
University of Lisbon

Autor: MARIA DO ROSÁRIO LOURENÇO GROSSINHO - Data de criação: 15-03-2020