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Master in Finance


Publicar Publicado em 09-02-2020

ISEG is the CFA challenge Champion for the fourth time in a row!!!

We are the Portuguese Champions! We did it again!

ISEG’s international team of students from the MSc Finance, for four consecutive years, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, won the Local Challenge of the CFA Institute Research Challenge competition in Portugal (against Católica Lisbon SBE, ISCTE, Porto (FEP), Minho (EEG), and Nova SBE). Now, we’ll represent the CFA Society Portugal in the EMEA competition in Jordan.
We couldn’t be prouder of the hard work of our team in this equity research competition on Galp Energia SGPS SA. Thank you to our students Margarida Alpalhão, Patrícia Ferreira, Artur Pinhiero, César Teixeira and Jorge Faria, and to our 
Faculty Adviser Victor Barros.

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Publicar Publicado em 31-10-2019

1st Master in Finance Workshop (MFW2019), Dec 17-18, 2019

For the first, the viva/public defenses Master Final Works (MFWs) of 2018/2019 students, will take place in a two-days Workshop.

For more information about our 1st Master in finance Worshop (MFW2019), check the MFW2019 website. All finance students and faculty are invited to attend.

See you there!


Publicar Publicado em 19-02-2019

YES, we did it again! ISEG the 2019 CFA Research Challenge Portugal!

ISEG is the WINNER   of the 2019 CFA Research Challenge Portugal - an equity research competition between 6 teams of the "Ivy League" (Católica, ISCTE, ISEG, Nova, Minho, Porto)

After winning in 2017 and 2018 ... we did it again!!!


Our students Ana Filipa da Silva Carreira, Carolina Filipa Abreu Freitas, Joana Catarina Sampaio Pina, Joana Jetal Chhotobhai and Zarko Ljubenovic as well as their mentor Victor Barros are the 2019 champions!!!  Congratulations to all ... we are so proud!


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Publicar Publicado em 12-10-2018

1 st year students - schedulle for DAF and CIA

Dear Students,

The following changes will take place for classes of DAF and CIA:

OCT 15, 17 and 22nd  - Class of DAF will replace CIA  for all Students

OCT 24, 29 and 31 st - Class of CIA will replace DAF for all students 

Please head to room AF21 for classes.


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Publicar Publicado em 16-09-2018

Welcome to the MFinance! & IMPORTANT INFO

The directors of the Masters in Finance would like to wish all its students a very successful academic year.


Please carefully read the following 3 notes  for 1  st Year Students:

1. CLASSES start on Monday September 17  th.


2. KICK-OFF "TEAM BUILDING" EVENT: On  Wednesday September 26  th there is a special Social Event for all 1  st year MFinance Students, with the purpose of getting you to know each other: it is an "ice-breaking" event, where you learn about team building and public speaking.  It is going to be a very friendly and enjoyable experience. IT is  from 14:00 until 18:00, in the  "Library Study Room", Floor 0, Library Buildingincluding a coffee break! 



We look forward to meeting you next week,

The MFinance Team

Canal: Finanças - Autor: CLARA PATRICIA COSTA RAPOSO -

Publicar Publicado em 13-09-2018

Masters Kick Off Teambuilding Event - MANDATORY FOR 1st YEAR STUDENTS

The ISEG Masters Kick Off Teambuilding Event 2018 is a training event organized to welcome new master students.

Main Outcomes:

Rapid and successful integration of the ISEG's academic culture;
More interactions moments between new colleagues;
Cohesive and cooperative atmosphere;
Increase of academic performance (through the development of soft skills such as teamwork, cooperation, time management and public speaking).

The Event will take place wednesday, 26th September, from 14:30h - 19:00h, at "sala de estudo - biblioteca" - LIBRARY.

This Is MANDATORY for all 1st Year NEW STUDENTS.

Last Year, the students were extremelly satisfied with the kick off event and I am sure you also have fun, this year.

Canal: Finanças - Autor: ALCINO TIAGO CRUZ GONÇALVES -