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Undergraduate Degree in Management


Coordenadores 2021/2022

Profª. Doutora  HELENA MATEUS JERÓNIMO (Responsável)

Profª. Doutora  WINNIE NG PICOTO





Undergraduate Degree in English

Useful Information 



Undergraduate Degree in English

Useful Information 

Porquê no ISEG?

Methodology and excellence in teaching Management which guarantees that students are provided with all the necessary skills and tools for practicing a profession in Management;

A syllabus rooted in the core disciplines of Management, such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources Management, Production Management, and Information Systems, as well as complementary areas that are equally central to the education of future managers, such as Economics, Mathematics, and Social Sciences;

National and international School of renown which respects sound ethical and ethical principles which counts on a faculty of excellence, scientific and technical competence, and a proven experience in private sector and public administration;

Adherence to active teaching models that encourage analytical and critical thinking, as well combining between theory with practice, positive interdependence, responsibility, professionalism, and a sustainability-based culture;

Growing opportunities for international mobility and a methodology that includes the teaching of hard and soft skills;

Elective course units in areas such as sustainability, social responsibility, business ethics, big data, digital marketing, social media, and international business, which contribute to attaining high levels of employability.


(i)      Provide a solid education in Management through the understanding and application of concepts, theories, and tools for solving problems and concrete cases in the exercise of this activity;

(ii)        Encourage an entrepreneurial and sustainability-oriented spirit for the exercise of both business and social activities, whilst always ensuring a positive impact on the environment;

(iii)    Develop analytical and critical thinking and the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge in critical complementary areas which enable managers to be more effective in decision-making (e.g., Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, History, and Law);

(iv)      Guarantee solid ethical and ethical development as a differentiating factor for both organisations and society in general;

(v)        Equip students with communicational, business, and collaborative skills, in order to ensure that they are able to satisfy the challenges of working in different types of real-life economic and financial organisations, in both the national and international context.

Saídas Profissionais

ISEG’s Bachelor’s in Management prepares its students to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to the demands and challenges of the national and international labour market. The impressive track record of a rapid insertion into active professional life is proof of this. The surveys that recent graduates of ISEG are regularly subject to point to a level of employability of 90% during the 6 months after graduation (with 35% of students already being employed before they even complete their degree). ISEG graduates are employed in the major sectors of economic, financial, and business life, in particular:

  • -Banking
  • -Insurance
  • -Auditing and consulting
  • -International economic and financial bodies
  • -Senior management of industry and services
  • -National or local public administration
  • -Study centres and research and teaching institutions


The degree also creates the possibility for graduates to continue their education at the 2nd Cycle level, with the objective to strengthen functional specialisation (e.g., Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Information Systems).


Active Life Insertion Survey - Degree in Management

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