Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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ERASMUS Eating on campus

Eating on campus


There is a canteen and a coffee shop in the Francesinhas 2 building. The canteen serves warm food every day. The price of the menu is around 3 euros. This menu includes soup, usually the option between a fish or a meat course and always the option for vegetarian; salad; fruit or desert and bread. There is also a coffee shop that serves some snacks and pastries in Francesinhas 2.

In Quelhas there is a restaurant. The menu here costs around 5 euros and comes with a soup; a fish and a meat option for main course; salad; fruit or desert and bread

On the level -1 there is another coffee shop called Entreaulas that serves more pastries and snacks with a higher variety, here you can find sandwiches, slices of pizza and more.