Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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ERASMUS If you need medical facilities...

If you need medical facilities...

During your stay you have the options below to choose from. You always need to bring the European Insurance Card.

  1. You may go to a private hospital and then you may send the invoice to your Insurance company;

  2. You may go to "Centro de Saúde" (Health Care Centre), nearby your house. In this case, you need a document with your home address in Lisbon. The International Mobility Office may issue the document. Then, you must see here to which Centre you belong to.

  3. You may go to the University Medical Centre, available to all ULisboa members, is located at the Ajuda Campus, in the CEDAR facilities. This is the cheapest option, with special prices for students.

Location: ULisboa Medical Centre, Av. da Universidade Técnica, Polo Universitário do Alto da Ajuda, 1349 - 055 Lisboa

How to get there? Bus: 723 - 729 - 60 - 742

Coordinates: Latitude: 38.714827 or 38º 42' 53'' N  Longitude: -9.197788 or 9º 11' 52'' W 

Appointments :  Direct line: +351 213 600 030  CEDAR Reception: +351 213 600 020  E-mail