Fusões Aquisições e Reestruturação de Empresas (2 º Sem 2012/2013)

FI (Finanças)

This course introduces students to the fundamentals and critical issues of economics of mergers and acquisitions and other forms of corporate restructuring. Students will develop critical analysis of key financial issues on mergers and acquisition, and will grasp the main opportunities and risks of the company's strategic, operational and financial alternatives.

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Review of exams - 25 June - 13:00 - room 103 Francesinhas I

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Learning objectives: - Understanding the overall process of mergers and acquisitions. - Integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge of the complex process of mergers, acquisition (M&A) and other forms of restructuring, including business strategy, organizational, valuation, taxation, legal and behavioural issues. - Understanding the reasons for the successes and failures of M&A. - Applying valuation techniques to adequately value target companies - Managing the process of M&A, and how to structure a deal from a strategic and financial point of view. The course will also addresses crucial questions including: - Why do mergers that looked so great on paper fail in so many cases? - How does one value companies for acquiring, or being acquired? - Is there a best negotiation strategy? - How can the management make the "synergy" come true? - How can a mergers and acquisitions be structured and funded to retain corporate flexibility? - When do leveraged buy-outs and management buy-out make sense, and how can they be financed?