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Fiscal Policy under Imperfect Competition with Fexible Prices

    Wecome to the "Fiscal Policy under Imperfect Competition with Flexible Prices" website.

    This site is associated with our paper Costa and Dixon (2011a) and its longer version Costa and Dixon (2009). A classroom companion is also available as Costa and Dixon (2011b).

    We built it for our colleagues that teach Macroeconomics in graduate courses (Ph.D. and M.Sc.). Here you can find coursework materials (e.g. overheads, problems) that you can you in your lectures and seminars for this topic.

    If you are using the article and/or the additional stuff, we would like to ear from you. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

    We hope you will enjoy it,

    Luís Costa and Huw Dixon.

    Lecture Overheads - Graphs

    Here you can find animated PowerPoint graphs corresponding to the sections in the paper. Some of the pictures may have not been included in the article.