Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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ERASMUS Non-schengen students

Non-schengen students

Students who are nationals of a non-Schengen country must obtain a student visa before leaving their country of origin. This may be requested at the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consulate. Please note that a tourist visa will not be accepted


It is extremely important to gather information, while in your country of origin, from the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy about the documents to be presented in Portugal.


In order to study in Portugal, you will need a student visa, which may be renewed annually and obtained from the Portuguese diplomatic mission or consular office in your country of origin.


Apply for the Visa as soon as possible! Visa issues demand some time and attention. Double check all forms and the information you fill in. Sometimes small mistakes may result in the refusal of the visa request. Always keep copies of the originals you submit! You may need them.


Documents to be presented to obtain a student visa:

  • Original application;
  • Valid travel document (+3 months after visa validity);
  • 3 passport photos;
  • Criminal record extract;
  • Medical certificate or health insurance;
  • Proof of housing arrangements in Portugal;
  • Proof of means of subsistence in Portugal;
  • Proof of enrolment;
  • Vaccination records;
  • Notarised Transcript (authorized by the Portuguese Embassy in the country of origin) to enact credit transfers.


Notice that in some countries the documents requested by the Embassies/Consulates may be different. Please check this information with the Embassies/Consulates in your country of origin.


It is important to note that after your arrival in Portugal, foreign students arriving via a border not subject to border control (with no passport stamp) must contact the Department for Foreigners and Border Control [SEF - Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras] within three days after arrival in the country to declare entry. Once this period has passed you will have to pay a fine.


In addition, after arrival, these students must request a residency permit with the SEF. The documents normally required to obtain a temporary residency permit are as follows:


  • Two recent, identical photographs, in colour with blank background, and easily identifiable.
  • Passport or any other valid travel document
  • Valid residence visa
  • Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence
  • Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation
  • Written evidence that the applicant has enrolled in a teaching institution
  • Written evidence that the applicant has paid the tuition fees, where applicable
  • Health insurance or evidence of being covered by the National Health Service


Regardless the information above, you should double check with the SEF.