Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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ERASMUS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Arrival

1. How can I apply to ISEG?

2. When is the application deadline?

3. Which language skills are required?

4. Does ISEG provide an accommodation for the foreign students?

5. Which courses are available in English?

6. Can I apply for courses taught in Portuguese? Where can I get further information?

7. As an undergraduate student, can I apply for masters courses?

8. How many ECTS credits can I take per semester?

9. How can I choose my courses?

10. How can I apply for courses?

11. Do I have any mandatory payment to make to apply for ISEG?

12. Am I insured during the stay at ISEG?

13. If I am non-schengen student, is there anything specific that I have to do?

At the end of your stay

35. What do I have to do after the semester/year finishes?

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During the stay at ISEG

14. After I arrive in Lisbon, what do I have to do?

15. How can I apply for the Portuguese language course for foreign students?

16. Do I have to write the Portuguese language course down in my Learning Agreement?

17. If I change my mind about the courses which I have previously applied for, how can I change them?

18. How and when can I change my Learning Agreement?

19. What happens, if I decide to give up on a course during the semester? Do I have to pay?

20. What about the exam period?

21. Do I have to apply for the exams? Does it cost anything?

22. Where are the grades published?

23. Can the exams be reviewed?

24. How much time do the teachers have to inform the students about their grade in the first period of exams?

25. Can I extend my stay at ISEG as an incoming student?

26. What happens if I forget my password to the FENIX?

27. How can I register to use the ISEG library?

28. What about transportation?

29. How can I get a bank card in Lisbon?

30. Where can I eat on campus?

31. Can I print and make copies on campus at ISEG?

32. Can I use wireless internet on the campus of ISEG? How?

33. What do I need to do if I need medical facilities during my stay? 

34. How do I get a Portuguese NIF number?