Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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Case 1 – You are from the EU/EEA


Given that you are from the EU/EEA you don’t need to get a fiscal representative, so you should do the following steps:


Step 1: Gather the following documents:


• Form of Identification; this can be your national citizen card or a passport.

• Proof of address; this can be a bank statement or utility bill for example.


Step 2: Go to a Loja do Cidadão (Citizen’s Shop)


There are several Citizen’s Shops scattered around Lisbon, you can google the one that is closest and best to your situation but here are some: Espaço Cidadão de Alcantâra, Loja do Cidadão do Saldanha and Loja do Cidadão de Lisboa (Laranjeiras). 


After arrival you will need to take a ticket and wait your turn. The button you need to click will say something among the lines of “NIF” or “Número de Contribuinte”. Then you just wait a bit and explain your situation. 


These places are not known for their hospitality and efficiency, so we recommend having a translation tool at hand.


Case 2 – You are not from the EU/EEA


If you aren’t a resident from EU/EEA you will need a fiscal representative in order to obtain a Portuguese NIF. This doesn’t need to be a Portuguese citizen but has to be a Portuguese permanent resident whom you trust, like a close friend or a family member; or it can be a lawyer.


You can choose one of these two options:


a) If you have a friend or family member willing to be your representative you go with them to Finanças to obtain your NIF which will cost you 10.20 euros. This option is the cheapest of the three however the downside is you have to deal with Portuguese logistics.


b) You choose a lawyer to be your legal representative and handle the process of obtaining your NIF.