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Undergraduate Office

Welcome to the Undergraduate Office 
The Undergraduate Office, which is part of the Academic Services, has an overall objective to provide administrative support for the university life of students of the 1st Cycle.
Throughout your time at university, this is where you can deal with issues related to registration, enrolment, attendance and exam results, payment of tuition fees or other payments, equivalence, the issue of certificates and diplomas, as well as other academic and administrative matters.
We strive to be close to the student and also to provide clarity, speed and convenience. Therefore, through the Website, we aim to provide you, quickly and conveniently, with access to a vast array of information that you will need.
Also, via the "FENIX" Academic Management Portal, at any time of day and from any place, you can consult your curricular plan, view the course units for which you are enrolled and see your grade history, summaries, exam calendars, current statement of tuition fees payments, lecture times, etc.
We wish the whole ISEG community, and you in particular, an academic year full of achievement and academic and personal success!


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