Macroeconomia (1 º Sem 2019/2020)

EC (Economia) , EMF (Economia Monetária e Financeira)

Método de Avaliação


The assessment rules for this course, according to the General Assessment Regulation for Master's Degrees (RGACM - see Appendix 1), is given by:

Normal Period

Students, in order to pass in the normal period, may follow two distinct strategies:

a) Attend lectures and seminars, produce an individual essay, and seat for an individual, written, and unseen exam (PEEN).

b) Only seat for the PEEN.

Students choosing a) cannot obtain a lower mark than the one they would obtain had they chosen b). Therefore, the final mark is obtained as the maximum amongst:

  • the mark obtained in the PEEN;

  • the weighted average of the marks obtained in the PEEN (60%) and in the individual essay (40%), subject to handing a minimum number of solutions in.

    Problem solutions

In this option, in each tutorial the student has to hand the handwritten solution of a small number of problems (one or two) on the topics lectured in the previous weeks in person. These solutions have to be handed in at the beginning of the seminars to the member of staff, who has previously announced the problems' numbers to be solved. A student is considered apt to be assessed in this way if and only if she/he has handed a minimum of 8 solutions (in 13 weeks) in.

    Individual essay

The length limit for an essay is 7 A4 pages (3 cm margins, one-and-a-half line spacing, and font size 12), including references, tables, and figures. Topics for the essays are related to the syllabus of the subject, but are not limited by it. For some rules for written work in ISEG of ULisboa download the paper here. To obtain the goals and essay topics.

Appeal Period

The final mark in the appeal period is given by the mark obtained in the written exam (PEER).

Written Exams

Individual, written, and unseen 2:30 hour examination papers are composed of 8 questions with identical weights. These are open-book exams and all the study materials in paper can be used. Scientific calculators are welcome, but personal computers, electronic diaries, and cellular phones are strictly forbidden.

Bring your calculator with you!


Crib or usage of unauthorized means, when detected during the exam leads to immediate annulment for all students involved. Crib or plagiarism detected during the marking process of exams or essays will be dealt in the same way. These penalties do not exclude further punishment decided by the Pedagogic Council or other bodies of ISEG.

The Portuguese Marking System .