Macroeconomia (1 º Sem 2019/2020)

EC (Economia) , EMF (Economia Monetária e Financeira)

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      Part I - Long-Run Macroeconomics

         1. Growth Theory

                1.1. Trend and business cycle: long-run stylised facts

                1.2. The Solow (-Swan) model

                1.3. The Ramsey (-Cass-Koopmans) model 

                1.4. Overlapping-generations models 

                1.5. Endogenous growth 

      Part II - Short-Run Macroeconomics

         2. The New Classical School

                2.1. The rational expectations hypothesis

                2.2. Imperfect information and the Lucas supply function 

                2.3. Economic policy effectiveness and the Lucas critique

                2.4. Time inconsistency

         3. Real Business Cycles

                3.1. Trend and business cycle: short-run stylised facts

                3.2. Intertemporal optimisation

                3.3. The Ramsey model with endogenous labour supply

                3.4. A prototype model: simulation and empirical validation

         4. The New Keynesian School

                4.1. Predecessors: Walrasian and non-Walrasian equilibria

                4.2. Imperfect competition in the product market

                4.3. Nominal rigidity

                4.4. Unemployment

         5. The New Macroeconomics

                5.1. Problems and puzzles

                5.2. The "new" Keynesian-Neoclassical synthesis