Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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ERASMUS Transportation


In Lisbon, the best option if you use public transport frequently is to buy the monthly transportation card (called Navegante card), which you can get as follows:


First you have to print and fill out the form for the Navegante card. You can get the form in this link .


You will need a Form of Identification (National Citizen card if you are from the EU, or passport), an ID photo and a Travel Card Sub23 Declaration (you can find this on Fenix following these steps:


myFenix » Services » Requisitions and under requisition type search for Travel Card Sub23 Declaration.


When creating this declaration, you only have to fill out the “Formulário de Requerimento” and check the box of the current year and the box that says “Sem Bolsa”. After this you submit the requirement and wait until it is delivered. It is really important you make sure your data is correctly filled on Fenix, with emphasis on your Portuguese address and postal code).


After acquiring all the required documentation you can hand it in in any of the following Metro Stations: Marquês de Pombal; Colégio Militar/Luz; Jardim Zoológico; Campo Grande; Rossio; Baixa-Chiado; Cais do Sodré; Oriente; Aeroporto.


You can also hand it in on the following train lines: Cascais and Sintra/Azambuja. 


You will pay 3,5 euros for the card itself and it will take 10 working days to be ready. If you need the card urgently, you have the option to pay 6 euros and it will arrive in 1 working day. After this period, you will have to go back to the station to receive the card.


When you have your Navegante card, you have several charging options:


Navegante Municipal: Costs 22,5 euros and allows you to use all metro lines, and ride the Cascais train line until Algés. This map  represents the area you have access to.


Navegante Metropolitano: Costs 30 euros and allows you to use all public transportation companies from all 18 counties around Lisbon. This map represents the area you have access to. This is the option we recommend since it has a really big area and allows you to go to lots of interesting places around Lisbon like all the beaches and much more.


Important Note: Be aware of the day you charge your card, no matter if it is the Navegante Municipal or Navegante Metropolitano. When you charge it between day 1 and 25 of each month, you are charging the card until the end of that month. When you charge it between day 26 and 30 of each month you are charging the card for the following month.